LAUGH IN OUR LIVES! Project by the students of our Junior High School and our MUSIC teacher Mrs. Mperdesi Athina.

2nd High School of Salamis
Work on the Laugh and its properties.

School Year: 2011-2012

What does laughter?

There are as many definitions of laughter as there are people. There is for example the definition in the dictionary. Laughter: the simultaneous contraction of muscles in expression of pleasure, exhilaration, irony, derision and the loud exhalations that accompany them. In a sense, even this definition may cause laughter, explains why the word but misses the point.
Laughter, says Jacques Bernomp is an expression of freedom. So we can laugh at everything but not with anyone, especially not with the enemies of freedom, according to the famous saying of the great comedian Pierre Ntesproz. The truth is however beyond the political stakes. To deserve the name, must laugh to break the chains of human existence, strengthens our certainty, as to impair our identity just when it threatens to pagopoiithei. Such vibration it never leaves us athyktous incorporates our daily lives surprise, opening the meeting, the outline planning a community empowering.

“Christ and Our Lady Karsi Fire”-George Souris

University of Romiou borders, but the pan and turners
Ekaike carpenter’s shop Dimori
Now we bordered with Agios Theodoros
And we will have opposite KAMMENOU turner
But yet let these pumpkins
It should in this unfortunate be a help
In the good man out of the blue echathi
And not afraid of getting worse calamity
All of tsifag the fire left him plank
And now the poor cry no hope
And when no one is lost above all famelitis
It assists apiece true citizen
Forth in such calamity spread manually,
and the wretch Romios everything it offers.

“Do I grandfather”-George Souris

“Ah said the courtesan,
grandfather I was now
I make wise
to cough sucking
snuff all the time.
I have white beard
Never read,
Do not go to school,
my house to stay
and I always sleepy.
I play every day
with some beads,
not my job to say,
and wear glasses,
and nacho and watches.
Telling tales
Above the layer,
and all of them in my miles,
standing in front of me
with wide open mouth.
Nacho and a crook,
I make bad
and if I do get angry with
To begin to bludgeon
and the crazy-coco “.
Year and others say
knowledge with children,
why Cocoa does not know
they want and all the old
Cocoa them become …

Laughter gives us life:
Gift of life is laughter. It functions as a safety valve, broadens
energy in the body and mind and allows us to see the
our problems in a different way. Simultaneously, it is a remedy which, as
studies have shown, affects the immune system, relaxes the diaphragm
rejuvenates the digestive system and helps circulation. Shown
even that breastfed babies of mothers with less humor
respiratory problems!

Can you imagine a world without laughter? Suddenly we can not
to laugh or to understand a joke. We can not
create an atmosphere of joy around us! Is there anyone who wants to
live like this? Laughter is the gift of life, so the experience of the lower case
everyday can be converted into a charming quality
Experience. So he came the time to learn that life has at least two
faces. Fortunately, one is hilarious!

What is laughter?
Is the spontaneous reaction of people to various external stimuli and messages that are either unexpected or contain comedy, satire, humor, joke. The stimuli of course they are not stable at all times and in all societies nor people, but vary evolve and mutate.

Difference smile-laugh
Many people engage smile with laughter if u are essentially two completely different meanings:

Smile: Light neutral facial expression, especially the mouth and eyes, without voice.
Expresses satisfaction or irony.

Laugh: neutral resonant spontaneous expression of joy or pleasure, reaction to something funny, which is produced by rapid movements of the diaphragm and abdominal muscles

Why do we laugh?
The laughter is a form of communication and not just human response against a joke. The women laugh louder and laugh when they kakaristo among men, making their laughter is erotic to cry, and men laugh more when they are with their friends.
Laughter can be seen also as a form of behavior that is designed to make someone feel beautiful and have a positive attitude towards those around him. One of the main rewards of human relations is the one laughing with his jokes are saying.
Laughter is the link group. In large foreign companies when it comes to know the members of the various parts are concentrations led psychologists to build strong teams, called team-building. Laughter and humor are key tools for professionals not only to break the ice at first, but closer to the team members, to help them relax, find a way to communicate and bond with each other.
Human beings are by nature built to laugh Babies laugh when tickle. Growing some people learn to grasp and not laugh, but at younger ages laughter is key sign of proper neurological function.
People with neurological disorders can not laugh if tickle.

The importance of jokes
Freud recognized the importance of jokes for good mental health. From a psychological standpoint, every joke consists of two parts:
one relating to mental tension created by listening to a joke and getting various information
and the other part is related to the relief and laughter that come when we say the end of the joke, which usually has to do with a smart key phrase or an unexpected solution to the problem.

If you think about it, the jokes are as problems or puzzles that have an unexpected and out of the ordinary imaginative solution. Along with laughter, which is caused by the joke, all the accumulated stress and anxiety have unblocked and going through us.

Expressions with laughter

Came the tart laughing about something unpleasant that succeeds a hilarious situation
For laughs and tears: for situation ridiculous and tragic at the same time
I do a lot of laughing too lol
Lecce laughing: laugh rampant
Laughter the bear: too much laughter

Proverbs with laughter:

Unnecessarily laughs seem futile
If you do not laugh in the morning, not evening sump
He laughs best who laughs last.

Wise words for a laugh:

Whatever you want will get easier with laughter than with the sword. (Shakespeare)
Nothing disarms both laughing. (Henri Bergson)
As we laugh, nothing was lost. (Shakespeare)
The health of a person is proportional to the quality of laughter. (James Walsh)
If you know how to laugh, know and live.
Find time to laugh, it is the music of life.
The most wasted of all days is one that we have not managed to laugh.

Laughter is a mystery. It’s better to experience it than to hear someone talking to you about it. But man has the curiosity, “What is laughter?” Laughter is the most intelligent factor to you. The Buffaloes do not laugh if one encounters smiling buffalo will go crazy! Then it will be impossible to restore the logic. No animal laughs. This requires a very sensitive intelligence.

Laughter is Life

Sat wanna kameis life, anyway solid foundation, modem wake up every morning, start with laughter. Laughter is a mystery, like all important in life. The laughter and all the mysteries of life to experience better than to tell you what it is or to hear someone talking to you about it. The laughter in paradise or anything. Better to learn to swim in each mystery, but want to find out, to learn instead to enjoy. Then loses its magic, mystery and any substantial value. So is laughter. A mystery.
The trickster when he does play, laugh with everything and everybody, especially the serious. Laughter is the tool of rascals, chaos. This tool is spilling papers and xanamoirazei the universe, and if the game is played with marked cards, arrange to be his.
I will make an approach, what is the laughter, the rascals said elsewhere, but know that within the confines of words is not possible. Only experience will show you what it is, how important it is and what it offers you laughter in your life if you allow it to exist.
Laughter, there is always, no matter what happens around you. The laughter inside or outside as appropriate.

It’s a secret, do not tell anyone. There is a condition called ‘clustering’ and another called ‘differentiation’. The mentally healthy person can distinguish between them and act accordingly. This means that not all match with everything, there are differences and similarities in each circumstance or situation. Diversification is a superior intellectual ability. You can not laugh at a situation that is not acceptable, but there is no reason and cry, you laugh internally and externally to be serious, as befits the occasion. If and when you do this, you become the master, the trickster universe.
Laughter is intelligence, as well as the diversification of situations, showing intelligence and above all shows a carefree soul. Anyone who knows how to laugh, laughs with his soul and you know why not laugh with all their soul, why do not all soul.
The lack of laughter is one of the main characteristics of d-souls. They can not laugh from the heart, because the inanimate beings heart chakra, there is, and laughter is a matter of the heart.
Laughter is the difference between living and just know that I live. Even in the animal world laughter is associated with feelings of joy, serenity and happiness. ”” The lower animals do not laugh, no animal laughs, not as the man animate. The dolphin, whale, cat, eg the gorilla but laugh and even strongly.
Laughter needs to be a highly intelligent a spiritual superiority. It means that you can understand the absurdity of a particular state of life. It is still by far the most intelligent, the most ingenious arrangement obstacles or misunderstandings. So what is the laughter;
Laughter is the sudden overthrow of the internal rational expectation. Laugh means sparkle, shine, I’m full of life, power, energy, happiness and am merry, blossom. Do not laugh, it means I’m sad, resentful, sad, sad, ugly, without vigor, droop. Choose and pick, my friend.
Laughter does not exist by itself, you have to put it in your everyday life, in all situations in your life. Let society and the civilized world dead, who agreed to be jailed, in peace and to build another full spirituality, full of laughter.
Laughter and joy are not the result of choice. What do you life, society is going to be in a reasonable way, rationally, starting to expectations, with the logical mind, how far will it or the other and this continues to happen according to your expectations.
Suddenly a reversal occurs an abrupt shift not imagined that it could happen. That brings laughter. This is purely an internal process of logic, rational expectation upset abruptly. If this happens there is no expectation that reversal and no laughter.
Laughter makes you forget the sense to see it from another angle events. When you laugh with your heart stops the mind. Can not laugh because the mind is structured in earnest with misery in misery. So laughter does not come from the mind but from the heart.
One of the biggest disasters of the everyday man is that he has lost touch with the heart, if and when available, and has made the existence of serious. It is natural, considering that the heart chakra exists in all beings, nor the other chakras, the heart and above. Now, if you want to see the percentage of inanimate, see the percentage of people laugh.
In the face of man, seeing his heart, the laughter of seeing his soul.

The Laugh manifests the character. One very important thing to always remember is that the evolution of life in this universe operates and develops through polarities through polar opposites. We live in a universe of duality and palantzaroume in opposite situations. Life is not black or white, it is black and white with all shades of black and white.
Maybe you can walk short distances with one foot, can stand but you can not run … you need both feet and fit and want to start running.
Imagine an eagle with a broken wing can crawl but can not fly. And so the evolution of life itself evolution of “Being” needs polar opposites. Love and hate, laughter and sorrow, life and death and all the nuances of these opposites. Need both to create momentum for life, otherwise absent. They let love – hate for another time and say today about polar opposites laughter – both sadness but is choice and show the inner workings made a particular moment in a person’s heart. But one does not preclude the other and you can be happy and serious. You’re the one or the other.
Laughter is capital, Gravity Debt. Laughter is life and death seriousness.
One of the most important things, among others, missing from his life is laughter, joy, excitement. The gravity is a kind of disease. Depression is the soul. Did you know that depression is the official earthy illness of the last century and still continues; Did you know that despite the fact that there are over three hundred religions, temples, churches, mosques, psychologists and psychoanalysts spirituality missing from the earth;
All these “experts” took the life of human joy laughter and enthusiasm made him sick made him serious. Only sick people are serious. The healthy, integrated is not, can never be serious. They may be depressed. The spirituality can not flourish in humanity because seriously kills. That is what must change to regain the lost man of spirituality, joy of life.
The Smile is courtesy laughter Happiness. Laughter is the lost, the forgotten contact with spirituality.

When unplugging the laughter of your life is like uprooting a flowering plant from the ground. Soon you will begin to dry out, and the flowers will wither. The problem is neither the plant nor the ground but to their separation. The plant needs food to thousands of flowers bloom in a riot of colors, fragrances beauty in an explosion, and so the man deprived of land, together with the source of “Being” dries.
The ability of survival exists within every being, human or not, once born, but the art of turning life into a game, a celebration, a fun, joy laughter we must learn. For me life and happiness is the supreme art of being able to convert the insignificant importantly, the ordinary into extraordinary. Is the continuous process of conversion of the improbable real. Be like the Mona Lisa, you continue to smile even with the back glued to the wall.
This smile put it in your everyday life and do not accept to do anything less than that. Social structures, religions, politicians, the media, have condemned the laughter of carefree joy. They do humans depressing and stressful. Navigate around you how depressed people see no reason to even exist.
Only when you make your life an adventure, a game, an ecstatic dance, a heavenly music only then can you escape the confines of the body, the consolidated logical mind. Only then you can feel the presence of the infinite. Only then can reflect, for the first time in a real connection with ‘something else’.
The man who can not laugh is unable to think, can not have the experience of a higher form of thinking, ‘not thinking’. The ‘non-thinking’ as laughter is not with the mind but with the heart. The strong one who does not know how to laugh is a dead heart. He can be reached at” something else” and like an eagle with a broken wing can not fly. Only completely drunk with happiness he who laughs through his heart can touch the” something else”. Just to touch it, because then you need to check it to manipulate and become one with him. Only with laughter can succeed.
You know when you’re completely in this situation? In quantum chaotic, magical state of being; When the ego disappears, and begin contact with the true self, with it, with them, with this” something else” ; When your breathing stops and fill your lungs laughing. Strong, neat laughter as cool spring.

The lack of laughter is disabled.
Another area where usually “no one laughs,” and wonder if it is index of suspicion, is education at all levels,” not laugh at another’s pain”,” For laughs we? For crying we”,” When there is pain, crisis, illness how to laugh?”” How will we laugh with whom?”” You examinations sovarepsou last.”” When you get real and grow up? ‘ ”’ Stop laughing for no reason, you look ridiculous.”
With this mindset, what training do societies to their children what sort of people are preparing for the citizens? In a space dominated by sorrow and pity, embarrassment and curiosity, revulsion, avoidance and removal as the first automatic reaction?” How to find courage to laugh through the misery?” How can students, parents and teachers laugh? How can there be a high art of laughter, in a society that takes a child from the tender age of 4 years and puts in cages called schools? Creates, obedient, shielded, slaves, servants. No living people.
For this and sensitive spiritual beings can not stand this miserable, dead from everything spiritual world. Besides this crappy society katsoufiasmenon dead was not made for living creatures. It is the world of the ego, but even in a universe dominated by monster with 5,000 heads, ego … ceases to exist, is inactivated when, laugh with your heart.

When the ego disappears, appears ARE. This might remember as a Universal Principle. When I miss, it is present. We can not meet. Their relationship is like the relationship of white with black, like the relationship between light and darkness.
Where there is a white light, inactivated black, dark and vice versa. Why black inseparably inherent in white and disappears temporarily. The darkness is the temporary absence of light. It is not possible in the binary world exist simultaneously both.
Darkness is the ego, is the absence of IS, absence of Intent. I’ll remind you that it’s not another person, independent of your personality. It is the experience of complete ecstasy of absolute Will. The condition is triggered by heart, and the heart is alive when vibrated to the rhythm of the cool spring like gurgling, laughing.
That’s why I’m telling you laugh with your heart, live in the present time, the only time you have, altogether, risking everything for love, laughter, life. If you can change the gravity in laughter, sorrow into joy, pain in celebration then you will be able to transform death into life. Therefore, learn the art of laughter even as it is time, as can!
If you do not know how to laugh and do not have time to laugh, you know how you live. Laughter is Happiness. The Happy Man is independent, so happier Eleftheros.Oso more freely. More so unique is ..
Laughter, even though they are innate, but oppressed human characteristic, open the effects of social, familial, and religious environment against very good folk poetry receives laughter as an essential element and foundation of human existence …
The stylovatora land,
the foundation of the world,
two hands based,
love and laughter.
To look for … but as civilized and must needs be serious. Usually they say that laughter fits, to children, madmen and savages. Personally I fit all three characteristics in case, especially the latter, moreover, the only wrinkles that I have from an early age, are those of laughter.

I recommend to revisit the film Chaplin Modern Times, is “a story about the industry, individual ingenuity, humanity crusade in search of happiness.” Chaplin is a worker trying to Fabrica synchronized with the production line by tightening bolts, while the tyrannical boss monitor staff through monitors, the “Big Brother”. Charles participate in an experiment about automating the production of a factory. Mad by crippling rates of machines, driven in a mental hospital, accused of being a Communist because accidentally waving a red flag, and falls for an orphaned girl.
The film was considered communist propaganda! and banned in Italy and Germany. It is the first sound film of Chaplin, but the sound is used in a special way. Heard voices talking as if from mechanical devices, a notation for the elimination of humanity brought about by advances in technology. And while the film is one of the most popular of the great comedian, but fewer know that music is also creating the “Charles”.
The film is timely, because it shows that we live in a world where spirituality is prohibited by industrial inanimate beings. And you will become an industrial machine from the moment you get out of your life laughing. I hope, that I do not want this! …

The religions forbid laughter with rules and aphorisms, the Middle Ages were burning Which laughed too, because they believed that laughter is the devil. Read the book” The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco”.
The novel takes the reader on an Italian Benedictine monastery and around searching a manuscript of Aristotle, about laughter and positive influence in the life of man, the plot develops, with murder, unlawful relations between monks and hunting of heretics in the year 1327. To date laughter is officially ostracized from churches.
We see some smiles and glee kryfogelakia, which of course is not laughing. I recommend the book and not the movie.

This prohibition of laughter and formally when Zaratoustra3 is the greatest sin, saying that the man who can not laugh can remain healthy and akeraios.To be removed from laughing man equals death, like the spiritually castrated and emotionally, and a laughing encompasses all three dimensions of being, body, mind and soul. N. Kazantzakis says that its most apsili top right of freedom is laughter.
For this reason chose to Zorba psychic guide, guru, for the old man. Only he could save him, because among other things he needed and had Zorba was
” .. Holy laughter gurgling from deep source of the deepest bowels of the man who blew up the redemptive crunches the old chest Zorba anatinazountan and could be demolished – and destroy – all fences – ethics, religion, homeland – which askose round of the poor, the chicken man, to the insured koutsoporepsei zooula” 5
Laughter actually stems from the overthrow of the trap (j) omenis order of things and they also trap (j) omenis logic and requires swift turn of thought, finding the causes of the sudden reversal of the order.
When the body laughing and activates the heart, A sacred ordination secretly plotting to destroy the armored life. When the body is happy the mind is enlightened, the emotion clears.

Verses from the source of wisdom on laughter.
It f funny life
man gets
because laughter life
say the lengthens.
Laughter is a painkiller
pain asunder
so many times one
laughs and sighs
Laughter is medicine
And not bitter poison
so nobody laughs modem
filled with love.
Laughter purifies
suffering reaps
aches, pains and sorrows
and all sighing.
If everything seems difficult
and has muted the joy
stretched his smile
tear to cover it.
Laughter is balm
lengthens life
joy and fragrance
Have pity on us all.
Joy to him who laughs
the sufferings of
makes the feast grief
dance his steps.
I have a heart kouzouli
and always scold
why laugh without joy
and cry without pain.
Sat wanna kameis life
Anyway solid foundation
modem wake up every morning
Start with laughter.
Play Air is life
Give tsi heart
And as you can in carouser
not to stifle the pain.
with a wine with a kiss
words that it ‘life
and a good word
for a few years only.
© Eo Aurora

© miastala
Do, Act, Now.
And this is a secret, do not tell. There is a smart way to overcome every problem, and to understand, to feel all the above words.
Buy comic strips, from those that make you folded in laughter, the images are from such films and television have finally useful. See them all and for the next three months. Do not let no word or picture of misery to get into any crevice. Close all the windows of the mind in every misery, Only laughter and joy.
Banish from your life every surly, miserable, critical and hypotonic intensive person or situation or reason and took him away and controlled.
Let others in their indignation, the criticism, the smallness and laugh. Laugh with your heart.
Put in your bag books with jokes and funny stories instead of newspapers. The difference that you will not be described in words.
After three months of laughter and decontamination of misery, the blackness and fog, I guarantee you will see your life with these eyes”” but not with me but with it, we talked about above.
Just start now.

Laughter and longevity
The beneficial effects of entertainment, laughter, humor and music offer a lot for treating various diseases.

Known clown-doctors made their first appearance in the pediatric ward of New York 20 years ago. The gelototherapeia offered had excellent results.

Quickly joined as an essential service for the treatment of children. Today in many countries such as United States, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, South Africa, Turkey, Spain, Italy, a significant number of doctors-clown offering gelototherapeia.

The therapeutic recreation, music, the gelototherapeia, treatment with humor are part of a comprehensive treatment available in children and adult patients in the hospital, in the community, in groups or in patients’ homes.

Patients benefit from therapeutic recreation programs are many. Included patients with physical or mental disabilities, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cancer, AIDS, kidney disease, heart disease, strokes, multiple sclerosis, addiction to addictive substances (drugs, tobacco, alcohol), stress and depression.

The therapeutic recreation, includes gelototherapeia, music therapy and activities, physical, athletic, creative such as dancing, singing, painting and theater.

The therapeutic recreation improves the patients’ physical and mental health, strengthens confidence, broaden their cognitive abilities, strengthens social position and promotes recovery after illness.

The individualization of therapeutic approaches through the laughter, humor, music and other recreational activities, provide valuable services. Should take into account the interests of the patient, lifestyle, physical, cognitive, emotional and social needs.

Therapeutic recreation is also proposed to groups of patients where treatment goals and have diversity, shall complete range of holistic treatment. Therapeutic recreation is established and necessary, be given by professionals, trained in cooperation with the rest of the team caring for the patient.

It is proven that people who feel satisfaction and happiness in their lives, have better health, more resistant to diseases and live many more years.

The therapeutic recreation through laughter, humor, music therapy, creative and sporting activities in their capabilities, gives people the difficult times of illness and convalescence, equipped to see more positive outlook on life.

Maintains and promotes the activation, improves self-confidence and promotes their autonomy.

Hilarious, do good!
Once the last two decades scientists katadechthikan to deal with him and eventually found that laughter is a gift of life. So he dedicated one day of the year, May Day. But we should devote all his days, because “one day without laughter is a day wasted.”
IOANNA Soufleros
People often take for granted what we have and do not appreciate until after the miss. I personally would not wish anyone to miss his laugh, and the current article promises to make for a time to appreciate (or, if you prefer, to appreciate more) gift with which we endowed the evolutionary process. The laughter, the smile as the notorious xekardisma is part of the emotional world and our features: remember pleasant a smiling face, a laugh when we perceive is straightforward or simple muscular contraction and react accordingly, keeping alive our ears glaring one laughing loved one who is far away, etc. The integral of laughter in our lives has to deal with the philosophers, artists and writers and even from time immemorial. Paradoxically those who completely ignored for a long time and were the scientists, who only in the last twenty years katadechthikan to deal with him. On the occasion of World Laughter Day, which this year coincides with the Orthodox Easter, we transfer the findings of scientists and encourage you to take advantage of this gift of life. Why, though does not claim authorship of the phrase, we firmly believe that “one day without laughter is a day wasted.”

Why laughter is medicine
It is true that we all experience many things to laugh and do not need scientists to know them! For example, we know how to laugh at a joke but laugh when we analyze. Similarly, everyone enjoy for the hundredth time Lambros Konstantaras as Mafrogyalouro or Georgia Vasiliadou as Divine from America know that we can laugh many times with the same joke. We also know that when you laugh out loud and for too long we keep our stomach if you do not sit down and feel that we will fall. And yet we know that our laughter drifted our neighbor and how collectively to arise crisis laughter, “nay good in us!”. And certainly do not need anyone to tell us about the power of laughter in love as there is no woman that does not indicate that she loved the man who made her laugh.

These and much more can anyone tell us he has lived a few years on this planet and has devoted some of his time to the thought. So what new things they have to tell us scientists? Recent years, with the help of advanced imaging techniques of the brain, as well as classic experiment, scientists have learned much about the physiology of laughter and can you explain the “why” of observations our.
So let’s take things from the beginning: When and why we laugh? Laugh, they say, when a stimulus reaches a specific brain regions (I guess no one doubts that laughter is born in the brain …). Proceedings of the stimulus can be sensory (the tingling), chemical (nitrous oxide has randomly named the “laughing gas”), or spiritual (humor).
Evolutionarily the tingling should have been the first cause of primitive human laughter.


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